Abnormal fast door motor fault repair methods

by:Hongfa     2020-07-16
Motor is the power of PVC door quickly, if the motor appear problem, need professional personnel to repair, may be to replace the motor. We all know the price of a motor is expensive, so when there is a small motor fault, to repair and processing in a timely manner. 1, if the fast door motor chain have abnormal sound, to check whether the motor chain loose, when it is necessary to properly adjust the front end of the tension spring industrial door motor, adjust nut elastic. 2, fast door motor trip there is an error, will have to be reset and set, the cap first and then set the lower limit. Motor after the trip has been set, but I do not work the fast door motor speed line because the PVC board on the screw is loose, need to screw immediately. 3, if the PVC door to open the door quickly, but there's no way to shut down, this is about to see if the motor is in the shadow of the light and the obstacles, motor emitted signals to accept less than. The processing method is first to remove obstacles, or the electrode on the transmitter.
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