A simple introduction rapid rolling door manufacturing materials

by:Hongfa     2020-07-22
Rapid rolling door, color has good variety of styles, many large enterprises, usually every workshop has grown two millimeters to install in cities, the main part of the product is a curtain, light color, low noise, quick opening and closing rates, rapid process of enterprise production right, this kind of curtain both indoor remains the same, outside can be used for more than 10 years, you know what material it is? Normal manufacturer of doors, curtain material should be the French production of luck brand flaps, main material is polyester fiber cloth, the layer is polyester mesh belt, double-sided resin coating, the thickness of 0. The tensile strength (8 mm, Warp/weft) : 5700/5100 N / 5 cm, tear strength, Warp/weft) : 900/80 N, and high temperature resistance, cold resistance, whether it's summer volts, remains the same depth as a bitter, will not affect the use of the fast door curtain life, color with * 1 *, blue, gray, orange, most is the most worth mentioning is that it has a flame retardant function, meet the extinguish fire, used for distance, such as fire risk, drop door, for staff to take more time to escape, because good sex of this kind of fabric, which was the door of a lot of enterprises are used. Is, the good product, can be copied, city road a lot of small businesses, in order to tighten capital, generic cord fabric production, procurement of domestic capital is low, also existed on sale price advantage, therefore the user when quickly gathered the door of choose and buy, also can not only see the price, if the fabric feel hard, price is low, you to investigate, this cord fabric production rapid door products, often use life will be more low, with a two or three years will appear rupture, neither regards, also can not have cold, heat preservation effect.
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