A simple introduction quickly how to prolong the service life of the door

by:Hongfa     2020-07-03
Rapid appearance, garage door now once common in trade, markets, hospitals, factories and mines enterprises and other public places, so helpless to extend using life? 1. In the opening and closing stop process, shall be provided with a stop function, should not have to stop and falling scene, such as the status of the attack in interval greater than 50 mm, should be checked carefully to control electrical appliances and brake immediately repair, operating normally. 2. Curtain and rust parts, should be regularly and maintenance treatment, anti-corrosion, paint, hard hit by heavy objects appearance is prohibited. 3. If any attack larger dithering during operation or very sound should stop check, cleaning door curtain is hindered the normal opening and closing of clutter. 4. In the fast door drum bottom box or condole must be configured when detachable plate motion, at the side of the motor bottom must set aside 500 & times; 500 mm detachable inspection hole, in order to repair and maintenance. Lu Sheng maeda warm prompt: rapid door has good wind anti-theft function, high security features, and a lot of food and medicine industry will shutter is used to cut off the stack, visible fast door was once widely used in all walks of life choose trend.
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