A simple introduction of electric industry upgrading door have what features

by:Hongfa     2020-08-02
Acceptability: on the basis of building structure, the slippery rise straight up the door open, flat side hung on the gate sidewall, possesses not all interior space in the room; Not have full use of vertical rise, on both sides of the gate, the advantages of larger level the interior space was released; Appearance: two layers of galvanized sheet plus polyurethane layer, surface embossing design allows the door for a long time will not change, durable, having a unique style, slippery rise enterprise brand image; Heat insulation properties: two layers of thick steel plate to reduce energy loss, in 42 kg/m3 density polyurethane material insulation, heat insulation effect is wonderful; Open the noise protection: low noise, hot dip galvanized movable pulley block is equipped with adjustable ball bearing, and wear resistance of tire noise control opening and closing door. Was: when the total width of gate above a certain design scheme has external type steel plate to ensure that its compressive strength. By the European standard test, can resist instantaneous velocity 10 wind speed. The top and bottom sealing, door plank, equipped with high quality silica gel seal on both sides, door plank in the middle of sealing, ensure that around the door body is not subject to corrosion are modified sealing strip, sealing is wonderful; Safety device: fall prevention equipment, automotive airbags ( Can choose) , avoid door to fall or collisions with roadblocks in the lower end of the door, door, automatic stop or reverse direction, to avoid safety accident; The galvanized steel wire rope equipment, torsion spring bursts insurance device. Avoid all methods of body damage, things will be. Maintenance way for industrial slippery rise door maintenance way China leading industry to promote the door manufacturers in zhejiang province hongfa industry on the basis of rich and colorful design, installation, maintenance, maintenance work experience to produce 5 remind: 1 for industrial slip up on the door of the dust and dirt will work on time to clean up, in order to keep the body clean. Opened the door a body, in moderation, symmetry, as far as possible to maintain the rate. May prevent the industry upgrading door by collision or scratch. 2 should be half a year plus a grease, and query component on time, if you have problem please immediately moved around. Or contact the manufacturer to appoint repair return repair. 3 for industrial slippery rise torsion spring door maintenance, should be applied for a period of time after the inspection, if there is loose shall be immediately transferred or moved around. Encounter problems can also contact manufacturer, solve the difficult. 4 industrial slippery rise automobile airbag door after a period of time in the application, shall carry out inspection on time, not damage by external forces, or if the automobile airbag leakage, maintenance will be lost. 5 for industrial slippery rise other components of the door, in the application process, should prevent the impact. Have produced the impact should also check immediately, can ensure normal operation, work. Performance parameters of the 1, industrial promotion door: climbing door composed of double galvanized steel, surface spray paint ( General control panel) , oxidation resistance, two middle thick steel plate to add charge density aspect up foam polyurethane, heat preservation sound insulation noise reduction, strong resistance of mechanical equipment. 2, insulation, chemicals, heat insulation: K = 0. 4 to 0. 5 w/m2c sound insulation noise reduction: RM value = 26. 5 dba3, door plank thick 40 mm to 80 mm, the provisions of the actual edge effect according to the customer. 40 mm thick door plank is more common. 4, yellow polyurethane sealing parts that all the hydrodynamic features compact structure, durable. 5, the slice material: choose two high toughness, high wear resistance, corrosion resistance of aluminium alloy profile extrusion processing. 6, metal surface treatment: classical electrostatic powder spraying process, its characteristics is the use of performance is strong, aging resistant, corrosion resistant, non-deformation, easy maintenance, such as new for a long time. 7, areas of application: apply to high external door industrial building.
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