A simple introduction how fast shutter distribution more secure

by:Hongfa     2020-07-21
Gather fast door is electric products, popular manufacturers are as installation and commissioning, so a lot of work distribution customers are also need not worry, however, later in the process, the use of the user remains the same to understand, avoid into the erroneous zone. The following finishing some Ann for the customer remove the electrical requirements, time to share with you: 1. Implementation of wiring, be sure to closed power supply. 2. After cutting off the ac power, indicator light was not extinguished before, there are still high pressure frequency converter internal performance, very risk, do not touch the internal circuit and components. 3. When running, please do not check the components on printed circuit boards and signal. 4. Please tear open outfit more changes to the frequency counter internal cohesion line or lines, parts and components. 5. Chooses the power supply voltage must be the same as the inverter input voltage specification. 6. Please do the motor and frequency converter accurately grounding, in order to ensure safety. 7. Main circuit terminal wiring must be accurate, power input, motor output line is not wrong. Otherwise, will form the destruction of the frequency converter scrap. 8. Please cover before sending electricity, the door is, in form of personal injury.
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