A simple introduction characteristic of continental shutter

by:Hongfa     2020-07-31
Based on continental shutter in the domestic big situation spread rate is not high, small make up in this explain to the masses what is hereby given that the continental shutter characteristics what! ! ! ! European-style shutter is this a kind of rolling door, the door regards generosity, or trade in household outdoor facade are practical installation use, therefore this magical product were everywhere in Europe, domestic throughout rate is not high. It is how many links by the movement of the door piece of string together. So more and more people seek European household of survival situation, this kind of style will look particularly elegant novel, so many people in the building or decoration housing will embrace european-style shutter. Just complete really cognitive european-style shutter? European-style shutter characteristics what know? Many continental shutter characteristics, it is different from the ordinary iron gate, will not rust, color material using aluminum alloy and steel manufacturing, is due to the nature of this kind of material and never rub off the rust, sound insulation properties of strong, mark after hit by external force is also not significant. In has a variety of color choices, and then a european-style shutter with advanced scientific planning structure, style light door can open Windows, flame retardant, regards generous in proper form, so many people are on the household decorates is chosen. Besides say security, european-style shutter is a result of safety monitoring pass through the country, as long as to amount to mark to put on the market for sale. Door is a special double profile, fill with polyurethane foaming materials, and therefore not heavy door screens
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