A quick introduction to fast shutter door manufacturer

by:Hongfa     2020-07-07
Kinds of industries, rapid doors products very much, rapid doors are opened by the very fast speed closed, brought huge is known for its efficiency, select it, so very much industry below for fast shutter by rapid door manufacturer to discuss. Fast fast shutter door manufacturer material is by power system: high frequency motor and reducer overall equipment, 220 v / 380 v, 50 hz, IP55, power is zero. 55 kw to 6. 5 kw, low noise, power brakes, brake manually release; Xin yu automatic door co. , LTD. Products all use of the world's best-known brands of PLC and frequency converter, the function, the use of frequency conversion technology is more greatly enhanced the use of power and the service life of the goods, delay closed adjustable, the interface is complete, there are many kinds of adjuvant external equipment, rapid rolling door the whole operation process of the rotary encoder manipulation of imported from Germany, accurate, stable and durable; 2: fast shutter. 0 mm thick high quality cold-rolled steel plate a forming pillar, seamless rollers and 1. 2 mm thick cold plate box cover, aluminum oxide level stiffener, more brush seal, and is equipped with infrared protection equipment imports, manipulation of the pail and assisted the switch, warning lights, stable hand shank and anticollision column; Fast fast shutter door manufacturer in the process of use, the employee shall not without authorization from operation positions, should always pay attention to the working state of the rolling door, to ensure safety, more attention should be paid at the same time, the book door switch, the absolute ban someone standing, walking around. To avoid switch failure, roller shutters jammed, motor blocked triggering other accidents. In case of power failure will clutch turn 90 degrees, can push operation. Second, rapid rolling door can't exist the phenomenon of freewheeling, therefore, when the choose and buy should pay attention to see whether have double-sided automatic card lock function, is the sampling period to the operation of the shutter is smooth. Rapid rolling door is widely used in food, chemical, textile, electronics, supermarket, freezing, logistics, warehousing, and other places, can be extremely meet the needs of high performance logistics and clean place, and save energy, high speed automatic shutdown, improve work efficiency, to create a better working environment, etc. Because rapid rolling door manufacturer in the threshold is low, the market competition intensifies the competition between brands, brand promotion of a company's an effective way of enhancing the added value of the goods. Fast shutter its technical content is not high, to join the market competition, the company also has more. The speed rolling door sill seat must be with the lower bracket to keep a distance of greater than 20 cm, to ensure that the brake stops header to occur. Rapid rolling door installation position of the upper should be equipped with fire protection facilities, the book door of drum bottom box or ceiling must be set when the detachable cover-plate, under the electronic side must set aside 50 & times; 50 cm removable manhole to repair and maintenance. Fast shutter doors are usually choose 2 mm thick manufacture molding manufacturing, appearance through the high temperature of the lacquer that bake. Fast shutter control system need to be very sensitive, if choose poor control system, the door in the process of operation is very unstable, tend to be more likely to cause the hydrodynamic run state such as limit, control system load led circuit board burn out, therefore, need to consumers in the purchase of sufficient attention to these problems.
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