A common maintenance methods of rapid rolling door

by:Hongfa     2020-08-01
Fast door is used in factories, warehouses and other local workshop, often in the hole wall on both sides and the top of the space under the condition of bearing, special research and development of a new type of door, can be divided into four fold, six folding door, etc. A variety of ways. Conservation methods: using neutral reagents or water scrubbing cloth fabric appearance, don't the door looks long time arrangement, or it will infringe on appearance, material of facing of appearance change color or get rid of. Eradication appearance stains, choose soft cotton swab, scratch very simple appearance, with a coin if smear is too heavy, can use special lotions, toothpaste, detergent etc. After decontamination swab with water, then dry. Note gathered type of book door spear don't too much scoured, otherwise will constitute the spearhead epidermis fall off. Often movement about the hinges, locks and other accessories attacks should be immediately tighten loose, hinge bearing noise should be real-time oil. Lock open when not in sensitive properly pencil lead foam can be added to the keyhole, oil cannot be easily.
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