A brief description about how fast shutter maintenance

by:Hongfa     2020-07-22
Rapid door as usual working frequency is high, high switching frequency, long time, can break through a few small title, choose good quality, and pay attention to maintenance, can greatly extend the life of the product, then see quick quick repair method of the door. Check regularly can prevent this happening. Due to the rapid door structure is not complicated, we can through macroscopic observation ordinary products to get to know the importance of the product. We mainly observe gate lifting and closing is stable. If fast door do not use for a long time, it is best to test the operation of open and close button, the condition of the signal of electric cabinet, etc. More refined can be divided into the inverter maintenance, machine maintenance, regular check for foreign bodies blocked entrance inverter, cooling air duct cleaning filter dust on a monthly basis. Mot: conductor and insulator is not corrupt, if any, should be timely clean with alcohol. See if bolts, screws and the plugin is loose, if the output type reactor with grounding resistance short-circuit and alternate with, should be more than a few megabytes is normal. Test the stability of the power supply output voltage, such as 1, 5 v, 12 v, 15 v, 24 v, etc. If the contactor severe, replacement of the same type or greater than the new warheads original capacity, there is no sign of contactor is on fire. Confirm the accuracy of the control voltage, regular protection operation, protect the indication circuit for 10%, and confirmed in a separate runtime inverter output voltage balance. Rapid rolling door motor maintenance process: rinse the stator rotor to replace carbon brush vacuum pressure balance soak dry F or other components.
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