2017 fipa speed door, automatic door international exposition

by:Hongfa     2020-07-14
VALENCIA IFAP ( Automatic door international exposition) Will provide 8 to 10 on February 10, the fast door, to show you new products in February 2017, we will in our industry, automatic door international exhibition held a grand national activities. This exhibition will showcase commercial, residential, industrial door and firewalls, automation and door components as well as international industry machinery major manufacturers and distributors. This is a useful telephone, in view of the groups and industry related to automatic doors of qualified professionals, so both have the opportunity to establish business relations. In addition, the information plan has got the APA ( Spain automatic door manufacturers association) And EDSF ( Federation of Europe and shutter door) The strong support and cooperation, to support the international exhibition. Speed will be feel part of the event, and will in the pavilion (5 Number C66) With the booth, we are looking forward to your assistance. Food industry: Speed feel to understand your needs food and beverage industry is one of the more important industrial branches in the world, and for most countries, it is the first industry in the economy. So we think that the industry is widespread, because we know that it is a demanding market, must meet the basic requirements in the process of its production and marketing, such as temperature or high levels of hygiene. In the speed we focus on his door, that we have been able to meet all your requirements with our products. Then, you will show some of the products we may be very interested in you, to meet you and your requirements. - - - - - - The shutter, our expertise. Perfect the whole industry, comfortable and simple, to facilitate the movement of any plant. Can be stacked type or sectional door as our doors SDAN & Oslash; SDAUT they are enough to used in many industrial departments, but need more food. Our automatic fast door SDN FRIGO it is especially designed for combined with traditional room door, and in a large air traffic environment, work very few, durable and keep temperature, prominent characteristics of this area. We also have another door, stand out in the industry, rapid rolling door CLEAN SD, is installed in the CLEAN room and controlled environment area the best solution, need high levels of hygiene. - - - - - - In the case of not cool loading or unloading. At the time of loading and unloading, it is important to consider the seal to keep temperature. Loading point is one of the important factors must be taken into account, because in the process of goods may be damaged. In school feel, therefore, we recommend that you note this on the one hand, and select high-quality products, such as inflatable SDARIN load package, in the process of loading and unloading provides continuous protection, prevent air medium. Perfectly around the vehicle and adjust its size, they are completely sealed, far beyond the client's seal scope. Another basic element is our vertical storage type level, the solution of this market, you need to be the biggest climate control and a high level of cleanliness. A load, effective and practical system through which you can control the internal temperature increased significantly, and reduce the risk of damage and minimize the dirt into the door. In the factory, often find vehicles, trucks or many areas of the staff will open a room with another interatrial septum, which may lead to electric current and cooling losses. Speed door it provides you with several economic effective remedial measures, can prevent external airflow and maintain internal cooling. Model on the one hand, we have a lama SDCOL's shadow, the solution of this kind of circumstance is more simple, more durable. And leaf swing door flexible PVC is more complex, and can be found in both formats can be, whether it's model NORFLEX use galvanized steel structure, or INOFLEX stainless steel structure. Finally, with the same function, we have a PE hinged door is the more common form, equally effective.
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